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LETSGETMADE (LGM) is the "Brand of Motivation" that produces a clothing line and other forms of affects with messages of inspiration highlighting the culture of hard workers and go-getters.

Mission Statement: Achieve your personal goals in pursuit of health, wealth, and happiness.

Core Principles

MOTIVATION – The voice of LETSGETMADE is to inspire people to set goals and achieve. Many people may have aspirations, but very few are able to gain the support necessary to push them onwards. Our voice and words become that reminder that there is work to be done and dreams to be realized.

ACTION – No dream can be realized without adequate and proper action; therefore, after gaining the motivation to begin by setting goals the realization can only be achieved by “making moves.” LETSGETMADE recognizes those that are more than just talk. We admire those that “walk the walk” and take action in pursuing their goals.

DEDICATION – Taking the first step is simply not enough. We must continually work at achieving our goals by consistent practice. Common terms within the brand such as: WorkHarder and Hustle Hard are only a few of the motivations that we use to remind people they must stay focused on the goals and stay dedicated in their actions. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your path of success. There will be ups and downs, achievements and failures. From these things we only learn what to avoid. We get stronger on our quest.

EDUCATION – Knowledge is power. It is one of the few keys to success. We must gain superior education from notable figures. Having the know-how to achieve our goals is essential to success. We seek to provide a credible source of information to our community as we hope they will educate the less informed.

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