The only thing that is stopping from reaching your goals is you and you alone. 

One of the most valuable lessons I learned throughout the years was from my good friend, Randall Pich. When we started discussing the "Conquer Collaboration" designs, I was so heavy on the look and feel of the design as it would speak to the message. So much so, that I overlooked the process of taking the concept and putting it into a product and then moving that product. The amount of information I learned during that process could fill a year of college in marketing and production. When I asked him how he learned all this, he told me it was by doing it - making mistakes and remembering not to make those mistakes again. As I had previously been of the mind that I needed to take a class in something and/or become certified through some authority, it was Randall that brought me to the understanding that we are our own authority and the only permission or regulation we need to do something comes from within. So I say to you, in order to "get that bag, " you have to willing to hold yourself accountable, stay driven, and make moves.


Photography: Miguel Cayabyab (Cold Photography)

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