** This writing is all one stream of conscious writing, so... **

Although my good friend Thanh Le and I started shooting Letsgetmade attire after workouts which would eventually lead me to befriending the amazing, Pham Vu; Lita Lewis was my very, first Letsgetmade Brand Ambassador. At the time we were all living on the east coast and there were not many brands that seemed to cater to various ethnicities. The typical look and feel of fitness being portrayed at the time was not whom we saw in the mirror. So when I created Letsgetmade it was always a thought to bring a platform to those that did not fit the status quo of fitness. 

One of the larger accounts that would frequently like Letsgetmade posts was @followthelita (still one of the most clever account names EVER!). I admit seeing her within the "likes section" was awesome! Lita had already secured a strong presence in social media and broke many boundaries in the fitness community. It didn't take me too long to muster up the courage to reach out and I couldn't believe how personable Lita was to communicate with. First by email and then by phone, Lita was exactly the person I hoped she would be. During our initial conversations, I explained my vision for Letsgetmade and how I believed it could mutually benefit our paths, but who was I kidding - Lita did not need Letsgetmade to help her achieve any of her goals. Lita is super-driven while still be very, down-to-earth and this is EXTREMELY RARE! I would soon learn that she was as smart as she was focused; and even later, I would see more of the artsy, (maybe even nerdy) side that is much harder to show online. Once we solidified our trust and could speak more openly, I asked her to please tell me why she still chose to represent Letsgetmade. You see during this time both of our accounts and visibility was growing, but Lita was really taking off! The world was able to see the same spark that I always noticed from the beginning and it was tremendous. Lita simply responded, "Because it's DOPE! You have created something really cool and people get it!" Now it wasn't just WHAT she said, it was HOW she said it. Her entire body language was just as convincing as her words. And this stuck with me even to this day. Lita was just as appreciative to connect with something she believed in and felt just as I had. 

I learned a lot from working with Lita. One of the truest things I learned from her was the concept that "like energies connect." So being a positive, motivating, go-getter type of person would result in meeting two more of a similar likeness. This was definitely something that I became more and more cognizant of throughout the years. But it was this energy and her truly thankful spirit that allowed her to stand out from the rest. She never brought negative energy around a shoot or any of my friends and family. And honestly, she never asked for anything! Her spirit struck me then and continues to impress me. 

As a thankful person, Lita takes the time to really listen to others, take part in their joy without need of her own, not feel rushed or consumed. She lets people know that they are significant and openly supports whatever is significant to her without disdain for those that do not share her impressions. In a time where so many of us are rushing to go nowhere and feel the need to be loved by all, when are losing a deep sense of purpose and thankfulness.

This is only one of the lessons I learned working with Lita and I believe this lesson is very important to share especially in a time like now. Be thankful for how far you've come and remember you didn't do it alone. Thank you for this lesson and many others, Lita. Letsgetmade would not be here without you. Salute!


Image of Mac and Lita

Mac Newell (left) Lita Lewis (right); Photo circa 2014